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SB 328 Vetoed by Governor Brown

We are sad to report that Jerry Brown vetoed SB 328, the Healthy School Start Times Bill. This is a sad day for our state's 6 million public school children who will still suffer under a harmful public policy. Those whom we have entrusted to protect our children have failed them.

Our movement to put science and children's health above special interests is gaining momentum. We thank the California Legislature for doing the right thing and passing this bill in both the Assembly and the Senate. We are grateful to Senator Portantino for his priorities and bold leadership. He has vowed to take up the fight again next year, so check back for updates.

Critique of Governor Brown's veto by the editorial board of the San Diego Union

The education reform debate in America was kicked off by the release in 1983 of “A Nation at Risk,” a comprehensive study issued by a presidential commission that evaluated the problems facing schools. Among its key conclusions was that there was a profound need for ambitious state and national standards because decisions made at the local level so often reflected the needs of teachers and district employees — not students.

Yet in 2011, even as several states saw great progress with reforms based on this insight that emphasized accountability and the use of statistical evidence, Gov. Jerry Brown denounced the “siren song” of education reform. Instead, he embraced the idea of “subsidiarity” — a fancy term for local control of schools. This led eventually to a state law requiring each school district, no matter how small, to develop its own “Local Control Accountability Plan” for how it will educate students.

But as an in-depth 2017 CALmatters’ investigation showed, there is little evidence anywhere that local control has been good for students. The debate in reform circles is whether Brown sincerely believes local control works or if “subsidiarity” is just a cover for his attempt to insulate teachers unions — his powerful allies — from reforms meant to evaluate individual teachers on how much they help or hurt student performance.


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Healthy High School Start Times

Science and Kids Win as School Start Time Bill Passes

Today, the California State Assembly voted to pass SB 328, the School Start Time Bill, introduced by Senator Anthony Portantino and coauthored by Senator Richard Pan. The policy advising school districts to change the school day start time to no earlier than 8:30 am, specifically for middle schools and high schools.

Studies have confirmed that insufficient sleep in teenage adolescents poses a public health risk. Later start time has resulted in more on-time attendance, higher grades and graduation rates. California school districts would benefit with later school day start times as funding is tied to attendance. SB 328 will update the California Education Code .

The bill will allow zero periods, exempts rural districts, and sets an implementation date of 2021.

“Parents and children across the state are thrilled that the legislature has put the health and safety needs of children above inconveniences of adults.” commented Joy Wake of the High School Parent Engagement Group.

“This is great news for the health, safety, and academic success of our children.” commented Dianna MacDonald, President of the California State PTA

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To learn more about this bill, read the SB 328 Pupil Attendance: School Start Time

How did your Senator & Assemblyperson vote:

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