Healthy Start Times

Healthy high school start times proposal, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Brookings Institution, Harvard's Kennedy School, and other esteemed organizations. Learn more...

PE Option Proposal

Student-centered athletic P.E. option proposal for student athletes to fulfill part of the two-year P.E. requirement with interscholastic sports participation, just as many other California public high schools allow. Learn more...

Equal Access to Counselors

Equitable, timely, and effective counseling for all district high school students, regardless of which high school they attend. Learn more...

College Admissions Advising

Student-focused college admissions advising and proactive communication with families in order to better serve students in today's radically-evolving and competitive college-admissions environment. Learn more...

"We don't see incoming students deficient in volleyball; we see incoming students deficient in math."

-University of Arizona Math Department spokesperson

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