What We Believe

We believe. . .

  • the best interests of our students should always be the first priority of our education community.
  • all SJUSD students have the right to an equitable, high quality education, regardless of which school they attend, their cultural heritage, or their families’ resources.
  • because the teenage years are crucial in social, emotional, and cognitive development – and today our teens experience unprecedented demands and pressures – the high school years offer unique and important opportunities for lasting and transformative teen-centered learning, support, guidance, inspiration, and well-being.
  • as the best-qualified advocates for our children, it is important that parents identify what really works and doesn’t work for our kids, collaborate with other educators on student-centered improvements, and help our decision-makers make student-focused decisions.
  • public schools serve the public’s interest when they engage with, are transparent with, are responsive to, and are accountable to the public they serve.
  • when parents from multiple SJUSD high schools and backgrounds come together in the best interests of all of our students, great things are possible.
  • the public’s interest is served when sound research and analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, guide and support education decisions to support the greater good of students.
  • our high school students, now more than ever, require an excellent education, along with healthy and enriching life experiences, to help them navigate, compete, and succeed in California’s increasingly competitive college and career environment.
  • excellent schools enhance the quality of life for our students, improve our neighborhoods, contribute to the economic vitality of our communities, and form the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and leadership.
  • effective collaboration and long-lasting problem solving require mutual respect and compassion.

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